Native Region

The Forests of Sylvias

Average Height

5' 6"

Average Weight


Average Lifespan

400 Years

Favored Occupations

Courier, Smith, Mercenary, Apothecary, Theif

Favored Dieties

Avidta, Essani

Introduction Edit

Varena are distant relatives of the Avasuun, born of shadows and moonlight.  Their nocturnal way of life has isolated them from the other races, bringing about distrust and misunderstanding.  Their stealthy, agile natures do, in fact, give them an edge for theft, smuggling, or assassination.  Thus, the few Varena who choose these unsavory proffessions often become some of the most infamous in their field, which only serves to strengthen the stigma against their race.

Physical Appearance Edit

Varena, much like their Avasuun cousins, are naturally graceful and perceived by the other races to have a chilling exotic beauty about them. They are rarely heavily built, putting on only lean muscle if any at all, and rely on stealth and wit to win their battles. Their skin ranges from charcoal gray to deep obsidian, occasionally with a slight hint of cobalt blue, with contrasting silvery-white hair which may be kept in various unusual styles. Eye colors range from sanguine red to fiery orange, and even yellows, violet, or magenta. Varena also show some more animalistic qualities than many of the other races. They have not only slit pupils but more control over muscles used to move the ears. The latter is not usually very noticeable as their range of movement is somewhat limited, but they can subtly display emotion, especially anger. In addition to this, it is common for Varena to keep their fingernails cut to a point rather than a rounded edge, resembling claws.

Personalities Edit

Often regarded as being secretive, shifty, and conniving, most Varena are, in fact, upstanding members of society.  Over time, their relationship with the other races has made their trust hard-won and their grudges rarely forgotten.  Many present themselves as cold and calculating to outsiders, showing only a hot-headed, prideful side of their personality if pushed around.  Those who care to work their way onto a Varena's good side, however, will know that behind closed doors they can be very kind and understanding.  They have very close-knit families who defend each other fiercely in times of trouble.

Culture Edit

Since their first contact with the other races, the Varena have resented the general assumption that they are merely coal-skinned Avasuun who prefer the moon over the sun. This has lead to deeply ingrained concepts of separating themselves from their cousins. Short or uneven hairstyles, as well as dyeing the hair or wearing facepaint became popular in response to the Avasuuni customs of merely accentuating natural beauty. Some even went so far as piercing themselves or making decorative scars on their bodies, though in more recent times this is seen as a rather unusual and archaic practice.

Religion Edit

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