Native Region

The Forests of Sylvias

Average Height

4' 8"

Average Weight


Average Lifespan

480 Years

Favored Occupations

Farmer, Ranger, Bard, Weaver, Tailor

Favored Dieties

Essani, Soteir

Avasonus Edit

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The Avasonus are an offshoot of the Avasuun predating the Cataclysm. They are radically different from their cousins in almost every way., with only similarities in anatomy and appearance to show the connection. The Avasonus mutation is recessive, and it is very rare for one to be born to non-Avasonus parents.

Introduction Edit

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Physical Appearance Edit

Avasuun are short and slender, averaging a little over four and a half feet tall and weighing somewhere in the range of 80 to 110 pounds. They are slim and agile with large, captivating eyes and pointed ears matched in length only by the Varena and Telum. Avasuun tend to have medium to dark brown hair, which they take great pride in. Nearly all members of the race grow their hair out, keeping it braided or pulled back if need be, but never put up so that it should hide its length. Their golden skin is lightly mottled in such a way that in certain lighting it may seem to almost shimmer as if it actually contained gold flakes. This adds to the popular, though not necessarily correct view among other races that all Avasuun have natural, unparalleled beauty.

Personalities Edit

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Culture Edit

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Religion Edit

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