Native Region

The Kingdom of Gilboa

Average Height

6' 10"

Average Weight


Average Lifespan

300 Years

Favored Occupations

Guardsman, Military, Cleric, Healer

Favored Dieties

Soteir, Ortus

Introduction Edit

The Aquil, descenants of hardy brown bears, are perhaps the most resiliant race in Pavon. They are native to frozen mountainsides and unforgiving tundras and have a natural tolerance for the cold. Their bold, protective nature often leads them to battle, either in the defense of the weaker races, or for the glory of Soteir and all he stands for. They believe themselves to be Soteir's chosen people, as he not only led them and their allies directly, but also fathered half-Aquil children during his reign in mortal form.

Physical Appearance Edit

Aquil men are generally very tall and muscular by nature, with strong, squared features and thick body hair. An adult will reach about seven feet tall on average, and often weigh over 210 pounds. Females are somewhat smaller, with more compact muscle, but retain the same strong features. Aquil have pale skin, almost comparable to Avasonus. Even those living in the southern reaches of Pavon rarely gain more than a light tan. They tend to have similarly light eye colors, usually ranging from blue, to hazel, to green. Hair colors somewhere between dirty blonde and sandy brown, cut short aside from one or two small braids by men, and allowed to grow approximately to shoulder length by women. Men that are not members of the Gilboan Orthodox clergy are known for taking pride in well-kept beards often braiding them and even incorperating beads.

Personalities Edit

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Culture Edit

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Religion Edit

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